Working Right

Working Right

Living our values through the inclusion of diverse perspectives gives us our edge in developing the right technology. Our products leverage our advanced technology by doing what is right for our customers and our planet. Our processes keep our peoples’ health and safety as a priority — which is the right thing to do. Our people are empowered to grow their career in the right direction with meaningful work, coaching, development opportunities and making their impact on the world.

This is how we do business. And we call it


Working Right is our employees’ shared vision for where we’re going, how we treat others & the culture of respect inside our Company. We’re looking for people who believe in the innovative work we’re doing and can collaborate across cultures to help us build a better tomorrow. In return, you’ll experience our world-class training & development to help you grow into the career of a lifetime.

Your Future Made with ATA

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No, this is not one of those ordinary jobs. People depend on us to do extraordinary things in unique places all over the world. Our innovation means creating state-of-the-art solutions for customers and our communities through our dynamic development culture that delivers real value. Our teams integrate market-leading technologies across regions to boost reliability and deliver unsurpassed performance. You’ll develop your talents by learning from our thought leaders and partnering across cultures to ignite our success…

Career Development

From your first day at ATA Group of Co., we’re focused on understanding your talents, current skills and future goals – and creating a plan to get you there. Your journey begins with planning your development and connecting to diverse experiences designed to stretch your limits. You’ll receive team feedback about your future aspirations and an action plan of challenges to expand your horizons. As your professional skill set flourishes over time, you can change business units, accept special assignments, move into…


Innovating ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We think globally about environmental stewardship, our solutions and how to minimize the impact of our footprint.

By channelizing our technical expertise and knowledge, we drive sustainable solutions and thereby ensure a commitment to our customers in every market we serve.

We take pride in the fact that our products embody the ATA Group of Co. mission that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. Committed to producing the cleanest engines…


Building hope where it’s needed the most.

ATA Group of Co., has long believed that a Company is only as strong as the communities where its employees live and work. Our employees work with community leaders to address the toughest problems they face and analyse opportunities to make an impact.

You’ll help us create that vision and plan of action – and feel the pride and satisfaction of improving the lives of others. Think you’ve got what it takes to help us unleash the power of ATA Group of Co.?