You’ll develop and implement process-based designs and electrical and computer systems in support of lean manufacturing systems. Examples of areas you’ll focus on are programmable logic controllers, automation systems, electrical and power requirements, maintenance and support needs for continuous uptime, as well as supply-chain management, flow manufacturing or materials/logistics.

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A vital link in our supply chain is manufacturing and the improvement of our operational excellence. You’ll apply common approaches in all ATA Electric manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution entities. Additionally, you will help to improve our worldwide manufacturing performance with an emphasis on throughput, schedule stability, and waste reduction.

  • Assist with the creation of standard work methods for new and current production lines
  • Assist with the design of safe and efficient work stations for manufacturing environments, using plant layout, ergonomic and work station design principles
  • Assist with cost analysis on make vs. buy decisions for component or sub assemblies
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