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Why ATA Electric

Why ATA Electric? WRONG QUESTION! You Should Rather be Asking, Why Not ATA Electric?Apply now to join one of the leaders in Electrical & Home Appliances business which

  • Is amongst the best paymasters in the industry.
  • Has today a market presence worldwide across the globe.
  • Clocked a turnover of over millions USD.
  • Has more than decades of experience.

Moreover with ATA Electric you can Be an Achiever, with its strong technology competence in Electrical & Home Appliances business, broad application know how & ability to provide customized product solutions has delivered an attractive & profitable growth by providing its customers with best Electrical & Home Appliances products. This performance strongly underlines the relevance of our leadership strategy, the efficiency of our financial management, our dynamic innovation and finally the skills and commitment of our teams.

HR Policies

Human Resource Policies At the heart of ATA Electric strategy, human resources demand a strong proactive approach focused on activities and skills and related to local job market conditions. This approach intends to bring dynamism to HR processes and emphasizes the “business” dimension. Be a part of a Successful Group to drive its growth and prepare for the future, ATA Electric strives to develop and promote quality employees and adopt a voluntarist Human Resources approach. Its goals :

  • Build teams’ commitment
  • Develop skills
  • Share knowledge and best practices
  • Encourage mobility
  • Reinforce customer orientation
  • Increase the Group’s attractivity for its employee